Jusin 'MadDog' Bieber holding the heart of a recently killed Muppet.

In what must surely be seen as a sign of the Apocalypse, Justin Bieber is to be questioned by police concerning allegations that he physically assaulted a photographer in Los Angeles. 

Physically assaulted, as in using one’s fists to inflict bodily harm on another person.

According to police reports, Bieber was walking with his girlfriend in Los Angeles when a member of the paparazzi approached them for a photograph. Bieber became visibly agitated and repeatedly told the photographer to leave them alone.

The photographer continued to snap pictures even though Bieber and his ‘girlfriend’ Selena Gomez pleaded with the man to stop. Witness reports vary, but the general consensus is that soon after Bieber Hulked Out on the photographer causing serious bodily harm and mental anguish upon the unsuspecting member of the paparazzi.

Lupita Torres – an undocumented worker trying to live the American Dream – witnessed the incident on her way to work and was the first to call 911. “I was walking with my friend to the job when we hear loud screams. I tell her that is sounds like screeching cat or chupacabra. We were scared. Then we see that the screams are coming from two people fighting. Only one of them was not really fighting, he was on ground crying while the other one beat him.

“My friend say to me that is tough girl in skinny jeans beating up that man. We think that the man is screaming but it not him. It was the girl beating on him. She screamed like banshee and was crying bad. Finally other girl grabs her and pulls her off the man. It was then we realize that the girl is really boy. My friend say it is Justin Bieber the singer.

“At first I no believe her. Then I looked close and it was him. I started to take a picture but my friend stop me and say look what happen to other person that tried to take a picture. Mr. Bieber was very upset looking. He was crying real bad and we thought he was hurt. We go over to check on him, and his girlfriend say that he okay. His mascara just run and go in his eyes.

“After he wipe his eyes he looked down at man he beat up. Beat up man still laying on ground and is very hurt. Bieber boy tell man he sorry, then him and girlfriend leave. We call wambulance for the man. I stay to help man, but my friend leave because police coming. She not have citizen papers so it not good for her to be around police. Besides, she had to go and do absentee voting.

Following the incident Bieber immediately fled the country. Reports surfaced that the photographer was going to press charges and the police were investigating. Fearing that he may be arrested and potentially become someone’s boyfriend in the county lock-up Bieber hopped the first Virgin Airways flight to Europe.

Bieber’s manager denied that the trip was an attempt to evade the clutches of the LAPD. Instead he stated that Bieber was on a planned musical tour which was arranged at the last minute. He also noted that Bieber was training with a former MMA coach and muscle conditioning expert in order to be more prepared to defend himself and his woman.

While his manager tried to play down the situation as a minor incident; Bieber took a much more radical approach on Twitter. In the hours following the incident he was quite vocal about what happened and boasted of his prowess.

@JustinB: Just whupped a man’s ASS my homeys!

@JustinB: Bitch was mackin’ on my girl Selena tryin’ to steal our souls wit his death machine!

@JustinB: Beat dat bitch in da ground then jet-set outta here. Po-Po on da way. F**K LAPD! Rodney King LIVES!

While his newfound rebellious attitude may enhance his credentials with other ‘bad-boy’ rockers such as Bruno Mars and Maroon 5; Bieber risks alienating his most devoted fans. Already Walmart is reporting that sales of Bieber posters, lunch boxes, and make-up kits are down over twenty-percent since the incident. Market analysts point out that this is directly attributable to the singer’s wholesome image being tarnished by his violent attitude. Another issue which may alienate fans is his budding relationships with other females.

Critics have called his relationship with Gomez an attempt to deflect questions of his sexuality and gender. Some see this recent violent act as an end result of the singer’s frustrations with the press and the criticism of his personal life. He was recently overheard at a party at Chuck E Cheese stating that Gomez was a real woman unlike the other ‘ho’s’ he had previously dated. He was quick to point out that he had ‘gotten down’ with Gomez on several occasions and once when they were kissing he felt a boobie through her shirt.

Bieber’s bizarre behavior comes at a critical time in his career. The singer has recently released a new album, and is trying to overhaul his image into that of an older more mature singer. While his fans are receptive to the new album, critics have panned it as being too similar to his previous work and not pushing the creative envelope. However, many are hopeful that his music will continue to improve as he gets older and his testicles finally drop. While some may embrace this new edgy attitude, all are wondering if perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the end for the career of the ‘Beeb’.