Bored out of my mind I ended up on the TLC website. I was looking at some of the Overhaulin’ episode information. After an hour or so my mouse clicks brought me to the How Stuff Works page. Pretty cool and interesting to see some of the stuff. I looked at the top of the page and there was a search field. Being curious, I began typing in words just to see the results. Told you I was bored. Anyway, in case you were wondering, the search results for the word “condom” are below.

I don’t think the Discovery website’s search engine is working correctly. I wanted to see how stuff works. Not the results of what happens when it doesn’t.

I wondered how Richard Branson got listed, but then I read a little further and saw that he markets the Virgin Condom. In my opinion all condoms should be virgin. I really don’t want a condom that has experience, per se, would you? That’s how you end up with a table for 12, or hepatitis.

And what about those iguanas at the bottom?

Is it raining iguanas or is something “raining” on the iguanas? As scary as it sounds, I would much prefer to have iguanas falling out of the sky, rather than seeing them get a “shower”. That’s probably another way to get hepatitis.